La Piana farm

Guided tours in the countryside of the province of Modena

We are ready to welcome you to our world!!

After a welcoming drink, you will start the visit with a walk through the vineyards.The hints of viticulture, the processing systems, a place where you can touch the work of a year.

Crossing the vineyards you will discover the changes that have occurred over the years, in the planting system and in the cultivation, observing very young vines reaching up to a stump that is more than 40 years old.

Depending on the season you will be lucky enough to see small insects, among all the ladybugs, symbol of organic products (they are among the most sensitive to chemicals).

They are the first tangible proof of a respectful organic agriculture.The tour will continue inside the cellar, where the production processes happens.

From the bunch of grapes that comes rigorously harvested by hand, through the various stages up to bottling.Finally, you will taste our products together with some delicious local food.

Our proposals

For a unique day surrounded by nature

In direct contact with the manufacturer

Passion, everything revolves around this!

In Mirco’s words and descriptions we get lost and get in touch with the deepest part of him, the one that binds him inextricably to his land and his work.

The desire to excel, the love for the vine, for wine and for the territory, exude from his skin.

Through his eyes we can see a future aimed at preserving the environment to leave a legacy to those who come after him.

His philosophy is just that, we live in a living world that does not belong to us but simply hosts us for a short period of time, giving us its wonders.

We must thank for what is offered to us, respect it, protect it and return it to future generations in even better conditions than those in which it was entrusted to us.

In the vineyard

90% of the work to obtain a high quality wine takes place in the vineyard.

It is there that through the expert attention of the winemaker, the journey begins with a small rooted vine planted in fertile soil, which is grown to become a vine.

The vine grows luxuriantly thanks to the care of expert hands, from pruning to the shoots that are chosen so as to leave the bare essentials to have fruits but also to feed the same strain that generates them.

Equilibrium! In a vineyard there is a balance between the soil and the vine, between the vine and the sky …

Sometimes the excess leaves are thinned out to let the breezes cross the vegetative foliage and dry the bunches in order to favor the healthiness of the vineyard, thus using only the strictly necessary treatments.

All this to get to that nourished, healthy and properly matured bunch, which contains in addition to a fine must also the soul of those who cultivated it.

Handpicked, almost pampered, he arrives in the cellar and here a new journey begins ..

Get to know the winery

The bunch has arrived in the cellar, the most demanding job is done.

Now all that remains is to preserve what we have done in the vineyard with due care and attention, from the pressing, the first and most delicate phase, passing through the first fermentations, the storages and then directed to the second fermentation, Charmat or Champenoise method to arrive right bottling.

Seeing the equipment, understanding its mechanism and use: what is an autoclave, a filter, a bottling line, and then labeling and how to read a label.

Wine tasting

All that remains is to sit around a table and pour the passion, philosophy, attention and work we have talked about so much into the glass.

We reach the epilogue of a visit that opens a window on the world of a wine, the Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, and beyond.

Accompanied by the gastronomic typicality of the territory, a cured tasting that explains the peculiarities of this Lambrusco and the differences from the other members of his family.

To complete the experience, the tasting continues by tasting indigenous wines such as Trebbiano Modenese and Malbo Gentile.


Manca solo un piccolo viaggio nella tradizione di un altro grande prodotto del nostro Territorio.

Salendo in Acetaia, una volta aperta la porta un nuovo mondo fatto di acri profumi colpisce gli olfatti e incuriosisce i sensi.

L’Acetaia di famiglia si svela mostrando le sue regole e i suoi segreti per regalare ai visitatori un assaggio di “Modenesità”.

Un cucchiaino, due aceti, due perle di oro nero.

About us

  •   Una bella realtà imprenditoriale di persone gentili cordiali e preparate. I vini sono ottimi con etichette accattivanti e azzeccate. Le degustazioni sono abbondanti e di qualità eccellente.


      Ottima lettura del Lambrusco Grasparossa.
    Azienda "giovane" nelle mani del bravo Mirco, proprietario Vignaiolo.
    Lambrusco Grasparossa DOP biologico e senza solfiti aggiunti che regala una bella beva, profumi vinosi e... read more

    Simone B
  •   Eravamo in zona e ci siamo fermati a Castelvetro per curiosare un po’ come viene fatto il lambrusco e ci siamo imbattuti nell’Azienda Agricola La Piana.

    Eleonora, la proprietaria,... read more


      Abbiamo prenotato una degustazione dopo aver letto la lista dei vini dell'hotel La cartiera di Vignola. Una breve ricerca su internet e via. Già al telefono il proprietario é stato... read more

    nicoletta n
  •   Ho avuto occasione di visitare questa piccola cantina votata alla produzione biologica dei vini simbolo del territorio, ossia lambrusco grasparossa in primis, ma anche pignoletto, un interessantissimo metodo classico da... read more

    Simone M

      Abbiamo passato un bel pomeriggio in compagnia dei proprietari, che ci hanno mostrato la vigna spiegandoci il lavoro e l'impegno con cui la curano. Atmosfera familiare e tanta passione per... read more


Shot offer

Duration 30 minutes
10 / person
  • Brief description of the farm
  • Tasting of 2 wines produced on the farm
  • Small appetizer
  • Minimum 4 People / Maximum 50 People

Route 7 wines

Durata 2 Ore
32 / person
  • Aperitif with 1 welcome glass of sparkling wine
  • Path in the countryside through the vineyards
    and notions of organic agriculture
  • Visit to the winery and vinegar factory
    with description of the production processes
  • Tasting of 7 wines produced on the farm
  • Tasting of 2 Traditional Balsamic Vinegar
  • Taste of crescentine, sliced cheeses and traditional tarts
  • Minimum 4 People / Maximum 50 People
  • Visit

    To access the visit, it is necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance

  • Parking area

    Internal parking is available

  • Spoken languages

    The visits can be conducted both in Italian and in English. By prior arrangement in booking, it is also possible in Spanish and German

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