Senza Riserve

Still red wine with no added sulphites

Sensory data

Red-ruby colour with strong purple shades.

Well-defined aromas of currant, blackberry and ripe fruit combined with spicy notes of liquorice and black pepper.

Well balanced with minimally invasive acidity and a perfect fusion of alcoholic strenght and tannins.




  • Name of the Wine

    Senza Riserve

  • Classification

    Mabo Gentile Emilia I.G.P.

  • Vines

    100% Malbo Gentile

  • Alcohol content

    13% VOL

  • Yield per hectare

    120 Quintals

  • Form of Breeding

    Syvoz espalier

  • Plant density

    2800 / ha

  • Annual production

    1250 bottles

  • Total acidity

    6 g/liter

  • Sugar residue

    0 g/liter

  • Service temperature

    Optimal at 18/20 ° C

  • Food pairings

    It marries the typicality of Emilian cuisine, and surprises on meat, ideal for boiled meats

Premio Bio Divino - XVII Concorso Enologico Internazionale Città del Vino

2018 Medaglia d'argento

The eyes are overwhelmed by an intense ruby-red colour with strong shades of purple. The aroma is well defined and arouses the smell with clear notes of currant, blackberry and ripe fruit combined with light spicy notes of liquorice and black pepper. In the mouth this wine is well balanced with minimally invasive acidity and a perfect fusion of alcoholc strenght and tannins; the taste left on the palate is soft and persistent and reminds the perfumes of ripe fruit perceived in the nose.

Tannic and full-bodied, almost bordering roughness on the palate, Senza Riserve is the result of a careful selection of grapes from rows of Malbo Gentile grape variety present in various vineyards with an average age of 25 years. Obtained from a long maceration in fermentation, it rediscovers ancient winemaking systems but with current technologies, from cold control to decanting in a controlled environment. After the phase of contact with the skins, the wine is transferred from tank to tank if necessary, without ever being filtered. Once the bottling period has come, it will wait two months inside the bottle before being marketed.

This Malbo Gentile is the result of an experimentation carried out on this grape variety, whose grapes were used until a few years ago only to blend Lambrusco to increase its color and sugar content. The vineyards Senza Riserve originates from are located on the first hill of Castelvetro and Vignola. These vines have an average age of 25 years and are exposed to south, planted with a girapoggio, in order to obtain greater ventilation within the vineyard which gives the grapes greater health and allows reducing plant health interventions in the vineyard. It is important to underline that this type of accommodation requires a greater working effort. The soil is mainly of medium clayey-silty mixture, although some bands of the grape fall on a sandy soil which gives the grapes a greater freshness. The difference conferred by the two soils means that the grapes have different characteristics that marry together, giving birth to a magical union.

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