Magia Nera

Sparkling Red Wine Demi Sec

Sensory data

Intense ruby red colour with violet nuances.

Hints of flowers followed by those most perceptible of fruit reminiscent of strawberry, cherry and raspberry.

On the palate it is sweet and persistent.




  • Name of the Wine

    Magia Nera

  • Classification

    Sparkling Red Wine Demi Sec

  • Vines

    100% Lambrusco di Grasparossa

  • Alcohol content

    9,50% VOL

  • Yield per hectare

    110 Quintals

  • Form of Breeding

    Syvoz espalier

  • Plant density

    2800 / ha

  • Annual production

    3000 bottles

  • Total acidity

    6 g/liter

  • Sugar residue

    40 g/liter

  • Service temperature

    Optimal at 8/10 ° C

  • Food Pairing

    Dried pastry, especially taditional cakes of Modena, like Bensone and Torta Barozzi.

Intense red ruby color with violet nuances and evanescent foam, the body is full and with a long persistence. This wine has an intense aroma of cherry, strawberry and raspberry and it releases scents of flowers and ripe fruit.

A maceration of about 48 hours is carried out on the skins at low temperature to gently extract the most fruity aromas typical of Lambrusco Grasparossa. After the phase of contact with the skins, the first fermentation begins which takes place in tanks at controlled temperature. Once the desired sugar residue has been reached which takes into account what is necessary for the second fermentation and the residue that will be desired once finished, the wine, through the only physical process of lowering the temperature, stops its fermentation. It remains in storage on its lees pending bottling for about two months.

The vineyards from which Magia Nera originates are located on the first hill of Castelvetro. These vines have an average age of 15 years and are exposed to south, planted with a girapoggio, in order to obtain greater ventilation within the vineyard which gives the grapes greater health and allows reducing plant health interventions in the vineyard. It is important to underline that this type of accommodation requires a greater working effort. The soil is mainly of medium clayey-silty mixture, although some bands of the grape fall on a sandy soil which gives the grapes a greater freshness. The difference conferred by the two soils means that the grapes have different characteristics that give birth to a magical combination.

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