Brut Nature Rosé Sparkling Wine

Sensory data

A color that enchants, lively amber, made animated by a very fine and persistent perlage

An heady aroma of bread and gentle spice notes of black pepper and cinnamon and a final wild rose scent

An harmonic, almost tannic wine that stands out for persistence and balanced roundness with a charming and unforgettable finish.




  • Name of the Wine


  • Classification

    Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro D.O.P.

  • Vines

    100% Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro

  • Alcohol content

    12,5% VOL

  • Yield per hectare

    110 Quintals

  • Form of Breeding

    Syvoz espalier

  • Plant density

    2800 / ha

  • Annual production

    3000 bottles

  • Total acidity

    7 g/liter

  • Sugar residue

    0 g/liter

  • Service temperature

    Optimal at 6/8 ° C

  • Food Pairing

    Ideal as an aperitif, fits perfectly with raw fish and seafood

Guida The Wine Hunter

Guida The Wine Hunter

An enchanting color, vibrant amber, very fine perlage and great persistence. A pleasant and tempting visual appearence, an heady aroma of bread and strong spice notes of black pepper and cinnamon and a final wild rose scent make intense and complex the perfume of this wine. The result is a tannic harmonic wine that stands out for persistence and balanced roundness wit a charming and unforgettable finish.

The grapes of Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro have an extremely dark skin: at the moment of pressing they immediately release a soft pink colour to the must, unlike other red grapes whose juice is generally white. Given this characteristic, it is essential to obtain only the free-run juice through soft pressing, in fact only the first 15% of the pressing is used for Intuizione. The remaining product is sent to the other production lines because the intensity of the color would be too intense to obtain the delicate pink for this classic method. After the crushing phase, the must begins its fermentation with selected yeasts which will make it become dry wine, without sugar residual. A small part of it will instead be preserved as unfermented must. In Spring Intuizione is bottled, assembling the finished wine with the must that will bring the sugar necessary to make the second fermentation start. After the second fermentation, the sparkling wine will remain on the lees for 24 months before the disgorgement.

Located on the first hill of Castelvetro and Vignola. These vines have an average age of 15 years and are exposed to south-east, planted with girapoggio method, in order to obtain greater ventilation inside the vineyard which gives the grapes greater health and allows to reduce phytosanitary interventions in the vineyard. It is important to underline that this type of accommodation requires a greater working effort. The soil is mainly medium-clayey-loamy, although some bands of the grape fall on a sandy soil which gives the grapes a greater freshness. The different elements conferred by the two types of soil give birth to a magical combination.

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